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Businesses are eager for clear and transparent data of prospects before they hire. Resumes, recommendations, educational and technical skills only tell part of the story. We give you the rest of the picture. Through intentional reflection and evaluation of candidate's past work history we show you the individual's character and provide you with the data needed to hire with confidence.

What is?

E3 is a tool to evaluate character, revealing the true nature of individuals and better represent them to employers. It shows more than vocational ability, but the traits necessary to be a valuable employee.

How Do I Use E3?

Sign Up, post or find jobs, Hire better employees, find your dream career. E3 evaluations separate the good from the great. Easy to request, manage, compare, and find the best - faster.

Why is it Better?

Why Should I Use it?

A resume just isn't enough. E3 harnesses the power of the cloud to deliver the most detailed info for an unbelievable cost. What do you have to lose?

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